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Canuck/Turkish +1 tube extension (Product ID: RXAS-P1)

CNC machined black anodized 6061 aluminum +1 tube extension. Designed for the 14" Canuck Pump Models, capacity for 5+1 rounds of 00 buck shot 2 3/4", and also provides a solution for flashlight mounting

Compatible with: Beretta 1301, Dominion Arms Kodiak, Pallas, Akkar Churchill, Armed, Makarov by Balikli Silah, Sinsinati, Uzkon, and Hatsan. Likely compatible with other Turkish not mentioned. SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW.

Use this calculator to figure out how much capacity the +1 will add to your pump (not mobile friendly).


I found some old stock and am putting it up for sale, I do not guarantee the finish on these items will hold up well under repeated muzzle blast.

Also note there may be cosmetic defects on these items.

I have limited number in stock for each option if I am out of stock on the option you choose, there is not anymore available.

  1. Knurled Annodized Aluminum (similar to my production model)

  2. No Knurl Powder Coated Black

  3. No Knurl shiny raw Aluminum

I have included a free wave spring washer and sling plate hand stop for all these shipments. Shipping is flat rate $17 ONLY TO CANADA

Please double check your paypal address before ordering!

DISCLAIMER: A permanent modification may be required to use the +1 on your gun, do so at your own risk. See "How to Mod Your Shotgun for the +1"