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Benelli M4 Titanium Steel Hybrid Tactical Charging Handle (Product ID: RXAS-M4CH)

(Watch video below for product overview)

Benelli M4 Titanium Tactical Oversize Charging Handle CNC Precision Machined from Titanium 6AL-4V, utilizing a hardened stainless steel tang to prevent wear. Made in Canada. Abrassive blasted finish and oiled for a darker natural titanium look.

Weighs slightly less than OEM handle to keep bolt operating as designed. Outside diameter is 0.6" (5/8"), and features a "volcano" style knurl to reduce sharpness on skin.

Handle does not spin, it locks into place and will not rotate out of lock position. In order to maximize this, the detent is not under spring tension when in locked position. As a result, there is a little bit of rotating play since there is no pressure from the detent and spring. This design is intentional, to utilize the full length of the detent to achieve the maximum possible surface angle for the bolt handle to engage locking.

For installation, rotate the handle while pushing into the bolt, this will make it easier to get the detent to compress. (see video below for overview of charging handle)

July 19/2021 Status: Available for order

Black Handles are being cerekoted right now, they will be $5-10 more. I am doing a small run to see the demand.

USA BUYERS: It is your responsibility for any importing costs and paperwork. From my research, items/accessories like this under $100 USD are not subject to Form 6 by ATF. Also, I have read that items under $800 are typically not taxed from customs on the USA side. This is not legal advice, do your own due diligence.

$99 CAD (~$78 USD), $15 Shipping within North America

Please double check paypal address prior to ordering!