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Benelli M4 magazine extension full tube, CNC Precision machined from 4130 steel. The only full tube magazine extension replacement for your Benelli M4 made in Canada. Increasing to a plugged capacity of 5.9 x 3" shells legal limit (six 2.75" shells will fit).

$350.00 Includes Shipping In Canada

Graphite Black Cerekote Finish

Benelli M4 Titanium Tactical Oversize Charging Handle CNC precision machined from Titanium 6AL-4V, and a stainless steel tang, made in Canada. Non spinning charging handle, locks into place. This has an outside diameter of 0.6" (5/8"). Available in Cerekote Graphite Black, and Natural Titanium Finish.

$99 CAD (~$78 USD)

Benelli M4 Quick Bolt Release Tab made from 1095 hardened spring steel, Made In Canada. This Benelli M4 oversize tactical bolt release modification is very easy to install, requires no gun smithing, it just tucks in between the forearm and the forearm retaining band. Also compatible with the Sulun Arms Tac-12 and the Canuck Operator.

$39 CAD (~$31 USD)

Machined from 4130 steel. This adapter will let you shoot 20g shells from a 12g chambered shotgun. They are approx 2.7" in length. Keep them oiled for protection. Parkerizing is available, email me for more info.

$35 Includes Shipping In Canada

CNC machined black anodized 6061 aluminum +1 tube extension. Designed for the 14" Canuck Pump Models, capacity for 5+1 rounds of 00 buck shot 2 3/4", and also provides a solution for flashlight mounting

Compatible with: Beretta 1301, Dominion Arms Kodiak, Pallas, Akkar Churchill, Armed, Makarov by Balikli Silah, Sinsinati, Uzkon, and Hatsan. Likely compatible with other Turkish not mentioned.

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Precision cut steel with a black nitride finish. Fits a 1.25" strap with an Mlok compatible slot for a QD mount if so desired. 3" long, 1.5" wide, and 0.1" thick.

Compatible With: Dominion Arms Kodiak, Pallas, Makarov by Balikli Silah, Armed. Compatible with Turkish made shotguns that have a flat mounting barrel ring from the tube threads to the barrel (see picture) with no obstruction. Not compatible with Akkar Churchill.

$9 Includes Shipping In Canada